Poultry Drinkers

VAL-CO™ manufactures a more complete line of poultry drinkers. We have added options to allow you to select the drinker that best fits your needs. These new features will provide you with the perfect drinker for your particular application. This will result in better feed conversion and weight gains. Our drinkers provide the right amount of water every time. That spells success.

The VAL-CO Drinker supplies waterequally well from day old to maturity with specially designed drinkers:


Our top quality Roaster Nipple is available with additional features at no extra charge, including High Flow, Extra High Flow and Feather Action. The High Flow option will give an average of 30% more flow than the standard Roaster Nipple. The Extra High Flow option will double the flow rates and should only be used in extreme climates.


VR150 Standard Flow

High Flow

xtra High Flow

Precision Feather Action (PFA)

The Precision Feather Action option on the Roaster Nipple will give your birds water with the lightest touch in the industry. This option is available in all three flow rates.


Standard Flow

High Flow

Extra High Flow


Like all VAL-CO Drinkers, our top quality Broiler Drinker is made with precise-fit lathing from the best quality materials. This gives your Broiler just the right amount of water.


Standard Flow

High Flow


The Quencher Nipple is designed to match the industry standards for nipple drinkers being offered today. It is designed to provide High-Flow and Feather Action at competitive prices. The Quencher Nipple is completely adaptable to fit any systems designed to use our Roaster Nipple.


VQ150HPFA High Flow

Extra High Flow


Our Breeder Nipple has been developed following many years of experience in the watering systems industry. Its design is made with all internal stainless steel metal parts for durability and for the highest standards of drinker quality. Our unique design will keep floors drier without the need for a catch cup, yet the birds will receive a satisfying drink every time. Broiler Breeders are active birds by nature and inadvertent triggering of the nipple contributes to wet floors. Our design features will reduce, if not eliminate, the problem of wet floors. It is, without question, the best designed Breeder Nipple on the market today!

Standard Flow


Our Layer Nipple, designed specifically for cage layers, not only provides the right amount of water; there is no need for a cup or V trough.


Standard Flow

High Flow


Our Duck Drinker is a High Flow Drinker, providing your birds with the proper amount of water they need without wasting a drop.

High Flow

Mini Drinker

The VAL-CO Mini Drinker is made to be used for the first five days and then rotated up and out of the way for easy maintenance and storage. It even has storage for extra drinkers while in use. The float is adjustable to allow any level of water needed. The Mini Drinker snaps into place on any VAL-CO Watering System, without the need to readjust line height.

VM100 Mini Drinker


VAL-CO™ spent four years developing a turkey drinking system exactly suited to the needs of a growing turkey. This meant producing a drinking system which provides enough water to supply birds needs at all ages yet maintaining dry litter conditions at all times. The following is what we came up with. The VAL-CO BigTom Turkey System is like a reservoir spread out all over the house. Each cup is a mini-reservoir that can satisfy 30 turkeys up to 7 weeks and 20 turkeys after 7 weeks. As the turkeys grow, easily raise the cups and the water pressure from the front of each line. You can use the BigTom Turkey System from start to finish or you can use it in conjunction with the VAL-CO TurkeyMAX Turkey Bell Drinker.

BigTom Turkey Cup Kit

VTB105 TurkeyMAX Bell Drinker

TurkeyMAX Bell Drinker w/ Flange